This is his NEW optic on his 5.56 with a Magnifier WHEN he needs it. So far, it’s been a VERY solid purchase and he’s shooting like he was 10-12 years ago, he also did make one change, he’s not using his regular full time glasses to shoot with now. Somehow that was the push he needed so he uses his new safety glasses, (which makes him look like an Operator for some reason)

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This is his new scope Currently on his Ruger Creedmoor 6.5 but he still is working on the issues he’s having with eye relief.
So far, from what he see’s, it’s VERY underpriced, and when his eyes are working correctly, a couple visits to the eye doctor and he’s back to thumbtacking at 600 Yards.

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The prism style optic was one of his primary optics on his 5.56 pistols but since then, He’s switched over to a new optic.

This is normally his first optic to mount on any new AR15 Pistols he get’s. It’s been a solid site for him and the price makes it that more attractive for those on a budget.

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