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This is his new scope Currently on his Ruger Creedmoor 6.5 but he still is working on the issues he’s having with eye relief.
So far, from what he see’s, it’s VERY underpriced, and when his eyes are working correctly, a couple visits to the eye doctor and he’ll be back punching 20 rounds through the same hole at the 100 yard range. The 6.5. Photo’s will be coming.

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This is his favorite Prism and current optic that he has on a couple of his AR’s, the prism style optic is great for his old eyes and anything 300 yards and closer, It’s not able to be used in rifle precision out to 100 yards so it’s on one of his Ruger 5.56 Pistol, DON’T think that just because he’s up there in age that he can’t shoot, he’ll shoot the wing off a fly.

This is normally his first optic to mount on any new AR15 Pistols he get’s. This prism optic gives him a very good look at his targets, the reticle has much thicker lines so it’s a lot easier for his old eyes to pick up quickly. It’s been a solid site for him and the price makes it that more attractive for those on a budget.

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